The GO Green Office believes sustainability should be incorporated and visible on the campus and in the lives of employees and students.


The GO Green Office is the organization of TU/e students and employees, that aims to make the operations, education, and the people on the TU/e move towards sustainability by shaping inspiring ideas and launching projects. Interested to find out more about Green Offices or do you want to start your own office? Check out the websites of Studenten voor Morgen and the Green Office Movement!


The GO Green Office aims to create awareness about the importance of sustainability, stimulate to take action via promotion and executing projects, and provide the support needed to empower the action.

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Green opportunities


Join the Green Week 2023 Committee!

The Green Week Committee will organize the annual TU/e Green Week in 2023, which is an initiative by TGD and GO Green Office. As part of the committee, you’ll be responsible to organize a whole week of events and promo stunts focused on sustainability (at the TU/e). Most events will be organized in collaboration with another association or student team and members of TGD and GO Green Office will also help out. Check for an overview of what has been organized in 2022!

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TU/e Festival Cups

To stop the “sea of plastic” which can be found on the floor after a regular outdoor party, GO Green Office introduces reusable festival cups. Every TU/e related festival, event or activity can borrow these for FREE! Are you organizing an event yourselves? Then become a certified sustainable event! Check out how this works by pressing the button below

Festival Cups
Green Certificate
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