Sustainability-related Education at TU/e

Bachelor courses Q2 – 2022/2023

This page provides an overview of the Bachelor courses (in English) offered by TU/e during the second quartile (Q2) of Academic Year 2022-2023 that address sustainability in broader terms since interdisciplinary knowledge is essential to achieve the UN SDGs. Click here to be redirected to Osiris (TU/e students only) and find all the latest course information.

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

0SV10 – Sustainable technology in society: introduction
0SV100 – Economics of innovation: advanced
0SV90 – OGO sustainable innovation: integration project
0SEUC0 – Future of Mobility: how to evaluate predictions and forecasts
0SAUB0 – The future of mobility project

Electrical Engineering

5XIA0 – DBL automotive design project ‘energy challenge’
5XWC0 – Energy Management

Chemical Engineering

6I2X0 – DBL Energy (present as part of a project)
I2X0 – DBL Energy

Built Environment

7XAUA0 – Design for a Sustainable Future: project

Biomedical Engineering

8TC00 – Immunology & infection

Mechanical Engineering

4PC00 – Thermal and fluid engineering