Waste Free Week: 5 tips to reduce food waste


5 Tips to stop wasting food! Did you know that in the Netherlands we don't even touch a quarter of all our food? While all this food goes to waste, we still put a lot of energy into it. This food is grown, processed, transported, cooled, and heated! All this energy is warming up the earth. This makes it all the more important that we waste as little food as possible, but we can only do that together. Therefore, you can participate in the Waste Free Week from 12 to 18 September. Everyone who eats can make an [...]

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Green Student Community Event


Green Student Community Event On June 16th we organized our third and final Green Student Community Event of the academic year 2021-2022. During this event we presented the Go Green Office's mission, visions, and future plans in an interactive way to get some input from the Green Student Community. This third edition of the Green Student Community Event was organized in Hubble on the TU/e campus. A sizeable group of students from our Green Student Group, student organizations, and students with an affiliation to sustainability joined us there. While these students come from different (academic) [...]

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Sustainable Student Housing


Let’s make student houses more sustainable together! Is your energy bill getting more and more expensive? Or do you think your student house could be more sustainable? GO Green Office wants to help! Letter towards landlords  Together with a team from the University Council, we wrote a letter to landlords in Eindhoven to incentivize them to make their student houses more sustainable. In this letter, we noted the urgency for more sustainable student housing and listed some economic options that would have a large impact on the energy consumption of the house. At last, we reminded them that the [...]

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Meet our SUMA Imke Bloemen


Meet our SUMA Imke Bloemen Imke Bloemen, the current president of Eindhovens Studenten Corps aims to implement innovations that are important for the future of the association, while holding on to special traditions that their association keeps. She told us the following. “Sustainability has always been an important subject to me. I think it is a problem that not affects certain persons or groups, but all of us. I think people who have the power to do something about it, should take their responsibility to make a change. Associations, in particular student associations, are large [...]

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Our achievements of quartile 1 year 2021-2022!


During quartile one of the academic year, 2021-2022 The GO Green Office achieved a lot of different things to be proud of! This last quartile the GO Green Office team has been working hard. And this was not without any results.  💫We managed to let 15 associations be part of the SUstainability MAnagers Project and the Sustainability Managers were appointed. This means these associations committed to working towards sustainable change collaboratively this year! 💫 The first community event is a fact. We met up with our network and community to start of the year. 💫The Green Room is nog [...]

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Green Week 2021: We found a Green Hero in You!


Green Week 2021: We found a Green Hero in You! We got Green! The Green Week taught us about sustainability and what we can do ourselves to reduce climate disruption The 2021 edition was an amazing week full of exciting activities organized by TGD, Studium Generale, and the GO Green Office. The week was all in the theme of finding the Green Hero in ourselves. Our Green Hero speakers told us how we can find the Green Heroes in ourselves as well! We can say that the Green Week successfully reached more than 1000 of you! 💫77 people enjoyed the [...]

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