Interview with GO member Janneke


"In my ideal world using single use plastic would be the new smoking: you will never ever use it unless that one time that you are too drunk to remember."

Interview with GO member Janneke2019-12-02T20:23:04+00:00

Interview with GO member Shanna


"On my sabbatical in New Zealand, I saw the impact of climate change of my own eyes: I heard pieces of glacier ice break and fall down every day. I want to do something about this."

Interview with GO member Shanna2019-12-02T21:03:49+00:00

Interview with Kitty Nijmeijer


Interview with Kitty Nijmeijer whose research area is 'Membrane Materials and Processes (MMP)', in the 'Chemical Engineering and Chemistry' department.

Interview with Kitty Nijmeijer2018-09-04T09:24:02+00:00
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