Circular Pop-Up


Circular Pop-Up Circular Pop-Up is an event inspired by the FreeShop of Edinburgh University (Edinburgh University Students' Association) and the Utrecht University Thrift Shack (Thrift Shack - Green Office Utrecht University - Utrecht University ( ). During this event, you get a chance to give any unwanted items of yours a second life by donating them to a student who is just moving in. In exchange for donating items, the first few people will receive a thank-you gift from the GO Green Office for adopting more sustainable practices Looking for Volunteers! Have you been looking for ways to [...]

Circular Pop-Up2023-01-10T12:50:28+00:00

Biolab goes Green


Biolab goes Green is a collaboration between the GGO and students from biomedical sciences to make the bio lab in Helix more sustainable.

Biolab goes Green2021-03-23T06:15:00+00:00

Fairtrade University


The TU/e is glad to announce that their title of being a Fairtrade University has been extended for the coming three years (2021-2023)!

Fairtrade University2021-04-14T10:13:42+00:00

Sustainability Managers Project (SUMAP)


To increase our reach among students, we are working on a project which makes use of the existing infrastructure of student- and study-associations at the TU/e and in Eindhoven

Sustainability Managers Project (SUMAP)2022-10-05T20:18:26+00:00
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