Vegan Cooking Workshop


Vegan Cooking Workshop Ready to start cooking vegan but don't know how? Join our Vegan Cooking workshop! 📆 March 28th 2023 📍Common Room 💶 €...

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It’s time for a new Coffee!


It is time for a new coffee! On Monday (February 27th), and Tuesday (February 28th), the TU/e community can choose the next coffee which will be served in all coffee machines around campus. This year, a big focus is on the sustainability of the different coffee blends we can choose from. Here you can find some more information on the blends so you can choose responsibly! While sometimes it might seem that there are large differences between the different groups on campus, there is one thing that may unite all of us: we drink coffee [...]

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How to: Sustainable Event Planning


How to: Sustainable Event Planning Looking to reduce the negative footprint and increase the positive handprint of your event? Join us for our How to: Sustainable Event Planning workshop during your lunch break! By attending this workshop, you'll learn about the positive and negative environmental impacts of your event planning choices and discover how to create more sustainable events. Our game-like format makes this workshop both fun and interactive, while our new Sustainable Events Manual provides more in-depth tips, tricks, and tools to help you make your event more sustainable. Whether you're organizing a small or large event, [...]

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list of questions


List of questions There are more than 12 000 students and more than 3 000 employees at TU/e. Let’s assume there are 15 000 people on campus per day, of which 2/3 are men ( Thus, 10.000 men flushing the toilet 3x a day with an average flush of 4 litres; that’s 120000 litres of water/day which have to be clarified. Is it not worth it to use waterless urinals for that? Why doesn’t TU/e use waterless urinals?   How many kilometers do TU/e employees commute on average and how many tons CO2-equivalents are emitted on average per workday per TU/e [...]

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