Meet our Education Manager, Mayya.


Interview with Green Office member Mayya Izmailova Study: Master Innovation Sciences Age: 24 GO member since: June 2022 The GO Green Office team consists of 12 people, but who are the faces and stories behind this and why did they choose to be part of the team? In this series we want you to get to know us a little better by sharing our personal stories on why we try to make our campus the most sustainable in the Netherlands. This week we highlight Mayya, our educational manager. In her function, Mayya aims to show what is [...]

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list of questions


List of questions There are more than 12 000 students and more than 3 000 employees at TU/e. Let’s assume there are 15 000 people on campus per day, of which 2/3 are men ( Thus, 10.000 men flushing the toilet 3x a day with an average flush of 4 litres; that’s 120000 litres of water/day which have to be clarified. Is it not worth it to use waterless urinals for that? Why doesn’t TU/e use waterless urinals?   How many kilometers do TU/e employees commute on average and how many tons CO2-equivalents are emitted on average per workday per TU/e [...]

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