Circular Pop-Up

Circular Pop-Up is an event inspired by the FreeShop of Edinburgh University (Edinburgh University Students’ Association) and the Utrecht University Thrift Shack (Thrift Shack – Green Office Utrecht University – Utrecht University ( ). During this event, you get a chance to give any unwanted items of yours a second life by donating them to a student who is just moving in. In exchange for donating items, the first few people will receive a thank-you gift from the GO Green Office for adopting more sustainable practices

Looking for Volunteers!

Have you been looking for ways to engage in more sustainable behaviors or have been looking to thrift that one item your shelf/room is itching for? Why not volunteer for the Circular Pop-Up organized by the GO Green Office? The Circular Pop-Up consists of collecting clothes, bric-a-brac, books, and food from students that are leaving at the end of the quartile. By volunteering for at least one hour during the collection or distribution dates you can take ANY item with you from the items collected. Examples of items found in other similar events include high-end boots, fashion items, bikes, and anything else!  

We need people to: 

  • Sort through donated items (flexible, during both weeks) – these items go to other students and Ukraine  
  • Accepting donations in the Green Room (30 January – 3 February) 
  • Making sure the Green Room is in order when giving out objects (6 – 8 February) 
  • Help for as little as 1 hour! 
  • Go to the link below code to sign up 
  • As a reward, you get to keep anything you find! Louis Vuitton, Dr. Martens, bikes, all yours! 
Register here