Community Event Kick-off!

It is MOVIE NIGHT in the Green Room ūüćŅūüé¨! On Wednesday 30th of November, we will host our very FIRST community event of 2022-2023.

Enjoy watching some short documentaries with us and talk about sustainability on our own campus with like-minded people. Food and drinks are provided by us in the Green Room! Walk-in is from 17:00-18:00 for dinner. After that, we‚Äôll start the activities ūüćÄ

Green Student Community

Are you a TU/e student and interested in sustainability (at our university)? Then you can become part of the Green Student Community! Within this community you’ll meet new (like-minded) people, and we share sustainability events, ideas, tips, initiatives, and more.  

As a Community Member, you have no obligations, everything is voluntary. Everyone is welcome to join our WhatsApp chat (scan below) and to subscribe to our Green News to stay up to date on the efforts of the TU/e, GO Green Office, and others to make our university greener. You will also be invited to join different activities like Community Events, documentary nights, workshops, and the Green Week 

Of course, we hope¬†you inspire your friends to make more sustainable choices (like¬†becoming part of¬†the Green Student Community¬†ūüėČ),¬†initiate¬†change within your own department, and ultimately,¬†contribute¬†to making our university more sustainable.¬†

GO Green Office is always here to support any sustainable initiatives and ideas, feel free to reach out! 

Scan the QR code below to join the Green Community Whatsapp group!

Green Committees

When you want to be more actively involved in our university’s sustainability, then it’s possible to join a Green Committee! As a Committee Member you will be able to develop yourself on a personal and professional level, improve your soft skills, and make new friends! Don’t worry if you think your knowledge about sustainability is lacking, we’re all here to learn. Naturally, you are also part of the Green Student Community. 

Check out this page for more info or send an email to