Community Manager

Are you eager to enhance sustainability on campus and work in an ambitious team?   


Job Description – Campus Relations Manager       

The GO Green Office (GGO) is a team of ambitious students who are passionate about making an impact at TU/e and share a strong commitment to sustainability on campus. Our team recognizes that university campuses are representative of many of the larger-scale issues evident in our societies – from food, waste, and energy problems to gender and social equity issues, we see the positive contribution a single university can make to create a better world.  

As the Community Manager, you are responsible for the Green Student Community, a group of like-minded students from across TU/e who are interested in sustainability and engage in different events to make the TU/e more sustainable. We are currently engaging with and enlarging the Green Student Community to contribute to a more sustainable TU/e. You will be responsible for organizing events for the community and sharing sustainable initiatives with them. Moreover, you will work closely together with the PR team to increase the reach of the GO Green Office and grow the Green Student Community. 

Organizing the TU/e Green Week is also part of the Community Manager’s responsibilities. You will be in charge of setting up the Green Week Committee, coordinating the committee and in the end make sure we will have a successful TU/e Green Week 2024! Moreover, you will be free to organize and help with other GGO initiatives, such as the Circular Pop-up; a biyearly event where we collect useful items that students do not want anymore and redistribute them for free. 

If you have most of the skills above, relevant experience, and a passion for sustainability, you are our perfect candidate!  


Our team is looking for an enthusiastic team member with strong networking and strategic skills and a commitment to sustainability. GGO is an incredibly open learning environment that allows you to develop professional skills and build a network within and outside of TU/e. 

We are looking for a person with strong communication and organizational skills, who is capable of leading and enthusing a diverse team. You know your way around campus and show initiative in producing creative projects and solutions. While there is also collaboration with other GGO members, many of the tasks are individual and we expect you to be able to carry your tasks out independently. Being well-organized, having good time management skills, keeping an overview of a large project and being able to prioritize long lists of tasks are important skills for this position. 

Start Date and Working Hours

You will become a part of the GO Green Office team starting September 1st. As the community manager, you are expected to spend 10 hours each week on the job for at least one academic year until June 30th, 2024. 


Are you interested?  

In your application, please provide a motivation letter discussing why you want to work for the GO Green Office, why sustainability is important to you, and why you are the perfect fit for this position. If you want to know more about the Go Green Office and the position, we are organizing a few walk-in sessions in the Green Room. For details, keep an eye on our Instagram @gogreenofficetue. 


Send your CV and motivation in a single PDF file before June 4th. Interviews will take place before June 16th. 

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