The Green Room aims to be the focal point for sustainability on the TU/e campus. A physical space where sustainability comes alive in the form of inspiring exhibitions, events, and workshops. The Room will serve as the central location for all sustainability-minded students, academics, and external parties on campus to come together and form a university-wide community. You can find the Green Room across the reception of Atlas, room atlas 0.705.

Book the Green Room

Are you planning to have a meeting about sustainability or innovation? You can book the Green Room for that! Just send us an e-mail mentioning your intended meeting topic. In the Outlook environment, you can immediately see the Green Room’s availability, so it is easy to plan your meeting. Within 24 hours of receiving your request, we will come back to you and approve your meeting.

Tip: The Green Room is also a great starting point when you want to show an external around the campus or Atlas!

Book the Green Room

GGO Office Hours

We often receive input, requests and ideas from the community, which we are very happy with! In order to handle every request the best we can, we are opening up the Green Room twice a week for a walk-in moment! If you have ideas to make the campus more sustainable, collaboration ideas or any other input, the Green Room across the reception of Atlas will be open every Tuesday and Wednesday during the lunchbreak. We are looking forward to talking to you!

Office hours: Every Tuesday and Wednesday during the lunch break.

Exhibition “Fixing Fuel”

“Fixing Fuel” is the first in a series of Green Room Exhibitions, curated by the GO Green Office TU/e and designed by Volle Kracht. The Green Room Exhibitions will appear 2-3 times per year and cover different themes within the realm of innovation for a sustainable future at TU/e. The exhibitions show work from students, researchers, spin-off companies and from the TU/e herself on all levels: research, education, valorization and management.

In the 1960’s, we discovered gas in the northern part of our country. Suddenly, this convenient fuel became available to us in unexpectedly large quantities. Within 10 years, the whole country switched from coal to gas: a massive project that was funded by this newfound “invisible gold”.
Skip to 60 years later and we find ourselves at the advent of another transition, but now we’re trying to close the gas tap. How can we get rid of fossil fuels and become less dependent on earthquake-inducing gas exploitation and what is the TU/e doing to facilitate this transition? In “Fixing Fuel – Enabling the gas transition at TU/e” the GO Green Office exhibits 5 projects from the TU/e that will contribute to the energy supply of the future.

The exhibition will be available in our Green Room on the ground floor of atlas from February 10 till the end of June. Will we see you there?

The official opening

The official opening of the Green Room took place on the 1st of June 2021. During the opening Anna Wieczorek and Dorine Peters from the TU/e gave an opening speech.