Green Student Community Event

On June 16th we organized our third and final Green Student Community Event of the academic year 2021-2022. During this event we presented the Go Green Office’s mission, visions, and future plans in an interactive way to get some input from the Green Student Community.

This third edition of the Green Student Community Event was organized in Hubble on the TU/e campus. A sizeable group of students from our Green Student Group, student organizations, and students with an affiliation to sustainability joined us there. While these students come from different (academic) backgrounds, they have a shared interest in sustainability. The goal of the event is to interact with each other and talk about interesting topics surrounding sustainability and how to implement them here on our campus. The event consisted of knowledge sharing, brainstorming, networking, and casual talks among the students there. A number of sustainable initiatives were shared and a lot of smiling faces could be seen!


Next to being a great social event for the sustainable TU/e community, we took the opportunity to share more about our updated vision for the GO Green Office. Sustainability is one of the three biggest challenges for the world of tomorrow. As a community of future engineers, our innovations will contribute solutions to these challenges with the TU/e operating as a linchpin of a world-class high-tech innovation ecosystem. From the start, the GO Green Office has the primary goal to ensure that the TU/e becomes more sustainable in all its facets and to motivate others to think and act more sustainably.

The GO Green Office wants to enable TU/e to be the most sustainable university in the Netherlands by 2030. The GO Green Office is the go-to for sustainability for students at the TU/e and creates and supports the Green Student Community, with whom we will increase awareness and build on sustainable operations. For TU/e to become the most sustainable university in the Netherlands by 2030, or just simply to be a more sustainable university, both top-down as well as bottom-up influences are needed. 

As GO Green Office, we need to take the lead in creating a bottom-up approach, led by students, who want to stimulate change. GO Green Office will focus on practices regarding 3 focus areas: campus operations, education, and governance. 

Want to be there next time?

Do you want to join the next community event? Join our Green Student Community Whatsapp group. This group already consists of over 130 students. In the group, several events are shared which are affiliated with sustainability and just fun talks with people from all over our university. Join the group through this link: