Join the Green Challenge 2023

Are you working on a sustainable student project as part of your studies, BEP, Master Project, or part of a sustainable Student Team? Are you available from June 20 until June 24? Do you want a free multi-day trip to Copenhagen and meet up and learn from international students?

Yes? Then participate in Green Challenge 2023! 
Showcase your project on “Think big – Think new – Think sustainability” at the Green Challenge in Copenhagen (DTU)

What is Green Challenge?

Green Challenge is DTU’s annual student conference to promote and increase focus on sustainability. Here, students can present their green projects to fellow students, professors, alumni, industry professionals, and politicians.

TU/e students are invited to compete with other (international) students at the Green Challenge organized by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on the 23rd of June. Specifically, students of partner universities, like TU/e, are welcomed. To the International students, DTU offers an additional, interesting three-day program for free, to introduce the city of Copenhagen and the University. Alternatively, it is also possible to take part in a 3 week course at DTU. For this second option, a contribution in costs for accommodation needs to be paid.

The themes of the Challenge are: “Sustainability, the Environment, and Climate technology”. The challenge aims to include interesting Bachelor and Master projects as well as student team projects. Categorizations are used to ensure that projects are comparable. Projects need to be pitched at DTU in front of a jury. The participants and audience of the Challenge ensure a mixture of different cultures, backgrounds, topics, research, applications, business opportunities, and more.

Simultaneously to the presentations of the student projects, a market is organized where companies, institutes, and municipalities can present themselves to the students and others interested. The Challenge is open to General Public (as an audience). This 3 day visit to DTU/Copenhagen offers you therefore the opportunity to meet easily with energy professionals, students, lecturers, and all kinds of interesting people with sustainability at heart.

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Why participate?

💰 Win cash prizes
💡 Get advice and feedback on your project
🎙️ Gain practical experience in areas such as communication and networking.

Want to participate?

Ready to participate and go on a possible trip to Denmark? Please provide us with the following information before Tuesday April 11:
  • a One-page description of your project;
  • Which SDG’s your project relates to;
  • Why you think you should be sent to Copenhagen

You can send the information to (or click the button below).

EIRES, in cooperation with GO Green Office, will make a selection of projects as only a limited number of 5 students can participate in the program for partner universities. When applying the procedure will be explained in more detail. For student team projects (e.g. Honors team) 2 students may represent the team and participate

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