TU/e Green Week 2023 will take place on June 12-16.

The Green Week is an annual event where we inspire and motivate the TU/e community to become and focus more on sustainability. We’re currently looking for students that want to volunteer for the clothing swap and repair café event! If you’re interested in joining the Green Week email greenweek@gogreenoffice.nl.

Right now, the Green Week 2023 committee is working hard on the planning for this year. More updates coming soon!

Timetable 2023

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ALL Week Events

Repair Cafe

  • All week

  • All Day

  • Atlas Ground Floor

Got a broken appliance sitting around? Don’t toss it out just yet! Bring it to our Repair Café, located on the ground floor of Atlas for the entire afternoon on Tuesday the 13th June.

At our Repair Café, we’re all about sustainability and giving your broken items a second chance. Whether it’s a malfunctioning toaster, a stubborn vacuum cleaner, or a misbehaving blender, our skilled technicians will do their best to breathe new life into your broken appliances.

The event is completly free, and you are able to watch the entire process!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to extend the lifespan of your appliances and reduce your ecological footprint. Together, let’s make a difference!

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Swap Event

  • Intake Monday June 12th – Wednesday June 14th

  • Swapping: Wednesday June 14th – Friday June 16th

  • All Day

  • Atlas Ground Floor

Do you have a closet that is stuffed with clothing that you don’t want to wear but don’t want to throw away? Come and donate them to our Swap Shop! You might even find something fun to take with you in return.

To reduce waste and bring a happy ever after to all items, we would like to give all forgotten goods a new home during the GreenWeek.

Museum of the Future Expo

  • All Week

  • All Day

  • Green Room (Atlas 0.715)

Museum of the Future – stories of an ever-changing campus – is a new expo organized by the GO Green Office. Highlighting interactive and engaging projects / initiatives of individuals and teams from TU/e that address one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The expo encourages to share knowledge and perspectives about our future through the personal drives and stories of people on campus. Furthermore, the expo aims to increase awareness of the SDGs and build on sustainable practices.

The new expo is open to visit during the opening hours of Atlas. Hope to see you there!

Monday June 12th

Official Opening of the TU/e Green Week

  • Monday June 12th

  • 12.30-13.30

  • Blauwe Zaal (Auditorium)

The opening of the TU/e Green Week is an inspiring event meant to highlight initiatives being carried out at the university. You will not want to miss it as it is an opportunity to see the results of the #SustainableTU/e Visioning process and the core team will be introduced. Be sure to stay for the entire duration as drinks will be provided afterwards, allowing for networking among staff and students.

Opening Drinks

  • Monday June 12th

  • 13.30-15.00

  • TBD

Celebrate the opening of Green Week 2023 with us! Let’s have a drink together.

Wildlife Safari

  • Monday June 12th

  • 16.00-18.00

  • Green Room (Atlas 0.705)

Nuno Corado is an enthusiastic urban ecologist and he will guide you over the TU/e Campus to tell you all about the nature that our campus offers. In this outdoor workshop, you will not only discover some of the wildlife existing on campus but also learn how to discover and connect with nature in any city and in different seasons. See the campus with new eyes and be surprised by the wild animals and plants that live around us. All you need to bring are comfortable walking shoes and dress according to the weather; binoculars and other field materials will be provided.

Tuesday June 13th

Transformative Education Symposium

  • Tuesday June 13th

  • 11.00-14.00

  • Zwarte Doos

On behalf of #SustainableTUe, we would like to cordially invite you to our symposium on the topic of transformative research for sustainability! This is a great opportunity to explore this topic together and also participate in the discussion about the insights and implications.

We are excited to share that scholars from our Dutch universities will honour us as a guest speaker, presenting their research (and work) on transformative research for sustainability: Prof. Johan Schot of Utrecht University; Dr. Anna Wieczorek of TU/e; and from the Erasmus University: Dr. Jilde Garst and Dr. Mariangela Lavanga. We hope to discuss this topic with you enjoying a delicious and sustainably prepared Lunch by the team of Café Zwarte Doos.

If you would like to be part of this event please RSVP until 26 May.

Fairtrade Event

  • Tuesday June 13th

  • TBA

  • TBA


Studium Generale Movie: OINK

  • Tuesday June 13th

  • 19.30-21.30

  • Zwarte Doos

Babs receives a cute piglet as a gift from an unknown grandfather who lived in America for many years. The old man pretends to be friendly, but he seems strangely interested in piglet Knor. Surely this has nothing to do with his past as a butcher? This veg-friendly stop-motion film is packed with humor, is beastly well made and is just incredibly fun for all ages.

This film will be shown in the presence of Knor animator Jasper Kuipers, who will give a short introduction about the making of the film.

Wednesday June 14th

Eco-Anxiety Workshop

  • Wednesday June 14th

  • 14.00-17.00

  • Metaforum

How much do you think climate change really affects you? 🤔⁠ ⁠

Or do you not care at all? 🤷⁠ ⁠

It can be quite difficult to grasp what it truly means that our climate is changing. Actions need to be taken on a global scale to slow down the change and halt it. But during everyday life, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. ⁠ ⁠

If you’ve ever wondered or had doubts about your future because of climate change, this is for you. ⁠

Studium Generale Docu: Wolf

  • Wednesday June 14th

  • 19.30-21.30

  • Zwarte Doos

This documentary takes a clear position in the wolf debate and actively tries to improve the wolf’s bad reputation, both in real life and in fairy tales. It’s interesting to see a film that so clearly expresses the positive sides of the wolf’s return to the Netherlands. Moreover, the film contains breathtaking shots of Dutch nature. We’ve never seen the Netherlands through the eyes of a wolf before, and boy-oh-boy does it look magnificent. After the film, director Cees van Kempen will join us for a Q&A. Van Kempen will answer questions from the audience and enlighten us on the difficulties of filming an animal famous for its ability to stay hidden.

Thursday June 15th

Pre Zero Lunch Lecture

  • Thursday June 15th

  • 12.30-13.30

  • Auditorium 6

More info coming soon

Climate Activism Panel

  • Thursday June 15th

  • 14.00-16.30

  • Auditorium 6

Are you interested in climate activism? Are you more against activism? Come to the debate! Here, various students, staff members, and activists discuss what the best ways would be to express our concern for the climate.

From 15:30, there will be an open discussion with you guys! So come see and participate.

Vegan Cooking Workshop

  • Thursday June 15th

  • 17.30-19.30

  • Common Room

The Vegan Cooking Workshop is back for this year’s Green Week! Under the lead of VSA Eindhoven we will be preparing and enjoying some amazing vegan food together! On the menu you’ll find tasty pasta, green salad/dip, mini pastries and a chocolate muss for dessert! Drinks will be also included. The workshop will take place in the Cosmos Common Room, starting from 17:30 on Thursday the 15th of June. Don’t miss an opportunity for a tasty meal, as the number of participants is limited, so sign up soon!

Friday June 16th

Team Energy Lunch Lecture

  • Friday June 16th

  • 12.45-13.30

  • Auditorium 13

More information coming soon

Official Closing

  • Friday June 16th

  • 16.00

  • Hubble

Closing drink at Hubble for the volunteers and anyone else who wants to come celebrate the green week with us!

About us


The TU/e Green Week is an initiative powered by GO Green Office and Technology for Global Development (TGD). The joint Green Week Committee is organizing this week.



TGD is an organization of students and researchers who raise awareness about the global environmental and socio-economic challenges, to inspire the TU/e community to create innovative solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals.


The GO Green Office is the organization of TU/e students and employees, that aims to make the operations, education, and the people on the TU/e move towards sustainability by shaping inspiring ideas and launching projects.

GO Green Office