List of questions

  • There are more than 12 000 students and more than 3 000 employees at TU/e. Let’s assume there are 15 000 people on campus per day, of which 2/3 are men (
    Thus, 10.000 men flushing the toilet 3x a day with an average flush of 4 litres; that’s 120000 litres of water/day which have to be clarified.

Is it not worth it to use waterless urinals for that? Why doesn’t TU/e use waterless urinals?


  • How many kilometers do TU/e employees commute on average and how many tons CO2-equivalents are emitted on average per workday per TU/e employees due to commuting? How many kilometres do TU/e employees (researchers in particular) travel on average per year, by what means, and how many tons CO2-equivalents are emitted on average per employee / per year due to travelling.

Are there policies in place to compensate for emission caused by commuting/traveling?


  • During the move from Traverse to Atlas a lot of things have been thrown away. That’s a waste of resources and material. This is an actual problem with a lot of people moving from one building to another and will continue to be a problem because after moving to Atlas LaPlace and Gemini will be emptied out and renovated.

Isn’t there a way that we can come up with, like a marketplace, where we can sell (or trade) ‘old’ materials and give them a new life somewhere else?

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