During quartile one of the academic year, 2021-2022 The GO Green Office achieved a lot of different things to be proud of!

This last quartile the GO Green Office team has been working hard. And this was not without any results. 

💫We managed to let 15 associations be part of the SUstainability MAnagers Project and the Sustainability Managers were appointed. This means these associations committed to working towards sustainable change collaboratively this year!

💫 The first community event is a fact. We met up with our network and community to start of the year.

💫The Green Room is nog open for bookings.

💫 At 14 events the TU/e Green Cups were used.

💫 One new Green Certificate was given to DAS.

💫 The Green Week committee has started their preparations for the Green Week of 2022.

💫 Activities, like a documentary night, have been organized to let the community come together. Many more will follow!

💫 Another thing to be proud of is that the Green Student community is a fact. Also the first newsletter was send out.

We are looking forward to the next quartiles!


For the second year in a row, the GO Green Office has kicked off her annual project for all study and student organizations with an interest in sustainability, referred to as the Sustainability Managers Project (SUMAP). Within this project, every enrolled association selects one Sustainability Manager (usually a board member) who is in charge of sustainability within their association and tries to make as much impact as possible. By attending monthly meetings, all participating associations get to share their knowledge with one another and learn how they could implement similar ideas within their own association too.
On the 12th of October, the first SUMAP meeting was held and the Sustainability Managers of the different associations got to meet each other for the first time in this setting. The meeting was filled with information regarding the project, updates on TU sustainability policy and ideas for collective goals were formulated. This year, the SUMAP project will be broadening her scope by expanding towards sports associations too!

Festival Cups

Since July 3rd this year, single-use plastic was banned by the European Government. This means that events are not allowed to use the single use PET cups for a nice cold beer. But not to worry because already in 2018 the GGO introduced the sustainable festival cups! Since the ban on single use plastic in July, our cups have been used on 19 different events! The peek was at Momentum where almost 3000 people used the sustainable festival cups. In this way we can make a huge impact on the plastic pollution problem. Our ambition in the future is to provide the same service for dinner events with plates and cutlery. You can find more information about the Festival Cups here.

Community Event

On the 19th of October, GGO hosted the first edition of the Green Student Community Event, in which all students and student organizations with an affiliation to sustainability gathered at the LUCID bar to network and get up to speed with what the other sustainable parties had been working on. The event consisted out of knowledge-sharing brainstorms, networking and a fun casual pub quiz in which sustainability facts were shared. The GGO is looking forward to organizing her next Green Student Community Events, which will hopefully be just as successful as the first one! Follow the go green office socials to stay informed about the whereabouts of these events.

Do you want to be surrounded by like-minded people and increase awareness on sustainability and make the university greener? Then join our community! You can help the University be more sustainable by working in one of our committees. In the link you can find more information on what it contains to be part of the Green Community.