The Achievements of quartile 2 – year 2020/21

During quartile two of the academic year, 2020-2021 The GO Green Office achieved a lot of different things to be proud of!

The Team

We celebrated back on-campus meetings during quartile 2. For the second semester, we made a team switch in which four new members joined out of 31 applications. Moreover, we made a plan with Green Office Utrecht to bond and share more. 


We promoted the Sustainable Promotion Manual and SUMAP to all study-associations. The first SUMAP collective meetings came up. In total 11 associations confirmed to join the project pilot during the second semester. These are Industria, Intermate, Lucid, Gewis, Japie, Pattern, Thor, Protagoras, Van der Waals, Cosmos, and E.S.C. Next to that, a sustainable challenge was created based on inspiration and meetings with the Green Offices from Groningen and Delft. Finally, complete tools packages were created with tips and tricks for the first steps to sustainability in associations, including our own GGO events and promotion manual.

Let’s Go Zero

The GGO started a collaboration with the Let’s Go Zero campaign of the TU/e. The goal is to REduce, REuse and REcycle more! Therefore we want to help you by giving tips and tricks to do this more. The TU/e is working on placing new recycle bins for separating waste outside as well. Furthermore, TU/ecomotive will soon be sharing their story on the GGO platforms. So, stay tuned!

The Green Office Room

We agreed on the final design of the room in Atlas with the new name ‘Green Room’! We are happy to announce that the construction started.


The GGO started looking into what education at the TU/e already provides about sustainability and how this could be improved. This is the basis for making a plan for improvement and implementation.

Self-supporting Paviljoentjes

The Pavilijoen is being demolished, but 3 buildings are culturally and architecturally important, so they will be renovated. The idea is to make them self-supporting. The proposal is to create one Paviljoen sustainable. The GGO is in contact with the university to decide on this.

Coffee vending machines

For the coffee machines at the university, there were considerations of changing the machines and implementing an option to give discounts for reusing cups. Unfortunately, this is being delayed till 2023, but the GGO and university are working on it together.

Precious plastic

A lot of enthusiasm is received for the first volunteering project. A team of 5 students started working on Precious Plastic. The machine moved to Innovation Space where more tools are available. The machine is now fully disassembled and new parts were ordered. Finally, the contact with Utrecht Hogeschool and Utrecht University ensured a collaboration to share best practices.

Green Travel Ranking

The formula for the Green travel ranking was received to be able to assess trips. The Green travel ranking team joined the Ex-plane to get some inspiration. The Low Carbon initiative is also involved in this process.  Moreover, the visuals for the Big Fat Green Trip were made. The GGO is now involved in rewriting the new travel polity for the TU/.e.