Our Big Fat Green Trip

Welcome to our new project in collaboration with the Green Office in Utrecht; Our Big Fat Green Trip. To stimulate green and sustainable traveling among students, a prize of €500 will be given away to the study association that can organize the most sustainable trip of the year!

Tips & Tricks

If you would like more insight into the CO2 emissions of different modes of transport, see our ‘tips & tricks for sustainable transport’. In this document, you will also find examples of trips to various interesting destinations that are very affordable and cleaner in terms of transport. Please also check our ‘interactive document’, which provides you a summary of the ranking assessment, a train zone map, and links to useful websites.

Assessment criteria green travel ranking

Only the longest / furthest trip can compete in the competition, so no short weekend trips. If the government restricts traveling this year and less than 5 study associations go abroad, the competition will be canceled. The formula to calculate the ranking has been set up with experts within the TU/e, more information about the ranking formula can be found in the above-mentioned tips & tricks documents.

How to enter the competition?

We would like to know a few things about the trip you are organizing this academic year between December 2020 and August 2021. We, therefore, ask you to fill in this short Google Form.