Promotion Design Manager

If you are looking for a chance to use your social media and audio/visual production skills to work for change, this is an ideal opportunity. 

Job Description – Promotion Design Manager     

GGO is a team of ambitious students who are passionate about making an impact at TU/e and share a strong commitment to sustainability on campus. Our team recognizes that university campuses are representative of many of the larger-scale issues evident in our societies – from food, waste, and energy problems to gender and social equity issues, we see the positive contribution a single university can make to create a better world. Our team is looking for an enthusiastic team member with a strong commitment to sustainability. GGO is an incredibly open learning environment that allows you to develop professional skills and build a network within and outside of TU/e. 

As Promotion Designer you are responsible for the GGO’s image on digital platforms such as social media, our website, as well as in our physical space in Atlas (the Green Room). You will oversee everything that requires graphic design, starting from working on and maintaining our brand identity, designing for our social media posts and website, and printed flyers and banners. 

Besides graphic design, it is a plus if you have experience working with WordPress as you will be responsible for maintaining and improving our website. 

Aside from technical competence, it is a huge plus if you have a good understanding or experience in content creation and digital marketing: how to utilize the mediums we have, how to make content that communicates well, how to promote to a wider audience, how to build a strong relationship with the community/followers, etc. 

You will be working closely with fellow members of the Public Relations team, which means you will get involved a lot in the strategy and planning. Aside from the specified responsibilities of this function you will also add value to the team. If there are any projects running or other assignments available that need a pair of extra hands, you will be expected to contribute.  


We are looking for an easy-going, flexible, and approachable team player who is communicative has outstanding graphic design and social media skills, and is fluent in English with strong writing skills.  

Our ideal candidate is a creative student who can manage the content and design of GGO’s online and offline presence. This includes social media and the GGO website. You will create promotional material for various events at GGO and work in a team with our PR and Green Room managers. It is therefore required that you know your way around all popular social media platforms and software such as InDesign and Photoshop and can work proficiently in a team of three.   

If this all sounds interesting and relatable to you, then you might be our perfect match! 

Start Date and Working Hours 

You will be part of the GO Green Office team starting on February 1st, 2023. As a GGO member, you are expected to spend 8 hours per week on the job for at least one academic year. 

Are you interested?  

In your application, please provide a motivation letter discussing why you want to work for the GO Green Office, why sustainability is important to you, and why you are the perfect fit for this position. Please include at least four graphic design samples you have created in the past. 

Send your CV, motivation, and graphic design samples in a single PDF file before January 11th. Interviews will take place before January 25th.   

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