The Achievements of the GGO!

During quartile one of the academic year 2020-2021, The GO Green Office already achieved a lot of different things to be proud of!

The Team

At the beginning of the year, we sat together with the team and re-phrased what we do, our vision, and our mission to be able to work as truthfully as possible. Now, there is a strong base to build upon. You can read it here. We did this with almost a whole new team and new functions. The GO Green Office conducted a lot of meetings online, however, we found our ways to spread ideas fast to be able to work on it together. We were able to do this using our guiding Personal Development Goals.

Social Media

Tamara Strijbos

We gained 66 new followers on Instagram since the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021. To be able to share the most relevant and interesting topics with you, we work with our Promotion Bible. All members of the GO Green Office can use this to share their project in the best way. A few results: we spread 15 posts and could share two inspiring interviews with you! One conducted interview was with the owner of ‘Eten Zonder Streken’, Tamara Strijbos. She teaches us to see the value of food. Moreover, we shared the story of Mo from Mo Kitchen with you. The Syrian cook left us with the very inspiring words: “When the body is happy, we are happy”


In the meantime, we got a lot of requests for collaborations. To be able to decide on which great initiatives we could make some free time, we made a decision tree. The results are some valuable collaborations with, for example,  a campaign of the TU/e Let’s Go Zero Waste

Promotion Video

One thing we have been working on a lot is the preparations of a PROMOTION VIDEO together with Perspektiv Media We are eager to share this video with you at the beginning of 2021.

The Green Office Room

A very big project we took on is the new design of the Atlas Room, moreover. A lot of teams, including the GO Green Office, are going to make use of this new exhibition room from 2021 onwards.

Sustainable TU/e courses

A different project we worked on is the course inventory of all TU/e courses. We selected the ones that apply one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at least. This means, now there is a whole overview, moreover we have some suggestions for which courses can be very valuable. Would you like to include sustainability in your curriculum more? Definitely take a look!

The Biolab

There is another collaboration we started, which is with the Biolab. The GO Green Office is happy to help the Biolab by offering them three energy meters. This way they can indicate better how much energy is used and where the most energy flows.

Promotion Manual

A finished project is the creation of the Sustainable Promotion Manual. This is a manual in which you can find tips for how to promote sustainability. It includes topics like gifts, clothing, printed materials, and calculating your overall footprint. Would your association or team like to get certified for being a sustainable promoting initiative, fill in the questionnaire!

Coffee vending machines

Another project that started it to make the coffee vending machines more sustainable. Earlier on, we were already stimulated to reuse coffee cups. Now we would like to help the students and staff with it more by giving a discount for doing so.

Precious plastic

An initiative we help realizing is the Precious Plastic project. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could recycle our own plastic, here at the TU/e. Currently, a team is being set up to make this dream reality.


The annual Unplugged is organized together with Team Energy! This year, Unplugged it split up into two goals. Unplug the TU/e campus and inspire student houses to be more sustainable. Therefore we have a challenge and we dare you to partake in it and win a sustainable prize.

Green Travel Ranking

Although the covid virus made it hard for TU/e students and employees to fly to other countries for educational purposes, the GO Green Office is looking at the future and wants to prevent our students and employees from flying unnecessarily and too irresponsible. Therefore the Low Carbon initiative started with the Time to Explane initiative. Now, there is a plan for the Green Travel Ranking including a covid-proof plan-B.


A collaboration between several study associations is set up, called SUMAP. We want to help the associations get more sustainable and therefore a platform would come in handy. The enthusiasm is there, the next steps are following soon.

TU/e Energy Flow

One last finished project for this quartile is the projection of the TU/e Energy flow on the TU/e screens in the Atlas building. Now we all can get insight into it and be more aware of our energy usage.