Strategic Manager

Job Description – Strategic Manager       

The Go Green Office (GGO) is a team of ambitious students who are passionate about making an impact at TU/e and share a strong commitment to sustainability on campus. Our team recognizes that university campuses are representative of many of the larger-scale issues evident in our societies – from food, waste, and energy problems to gender and social equity issues, we see the positive contribution a single university can make to create a better world.

The Strategic Manager aims to influence and contribute to TU/e policy. Their goal is to front sustainability in TU/e strategy, education and other areas, contributing to TU/e’s overall sustainable development. In this role, you are also responsible for the strategic development of the Go Green Office. You collaborate with the chair to translate the strategy into concrete goals and to evaluate the work that has been done. Moreover, you will also represent the student body in the Sustainability Core Team. This team consists of staff members playing a central role in sustainability at TU/e.  


Our team is looking for an enthusiastic team member with strong networking and strategic skills, as well as a commitment to sustainability. GGO is an incredibly open learning environment that allows you to develop professional skills and build a network within and outside of TU/e. 

We are looking for a student with strong networking skills and a professional attitude. You are able to carry out your tasks independently and you are punctual and well organized. Additionally, this role requires you to have strong English writing and speaking skills. We are looking for somebody that is not afraid to take initiative and is able to facilitate discussions around sustainability within all layers of the university. In addition, experience in co-determination bodies is desired. We are looking for somebody that knows how a big organization like the TU/e functions and can determine where they can make the biggest impact. 

If this sounds like you and you have a passion for sustainability, you are our perfect candidate! 


Start Date and Working Hours

You will become a part of the GO Green Office team starting September 1st. As a GGO member, you are expected to spend 10 hours each week on the job for at least one academic year until June 30th, 2024. 


Are you interested?  

In your application, please provide a motivation letter discussing why you want to work for the GO Green Office, why sustainability is important to you, and why you are the perfect fit for this position. If you want to know more about the Go Green Office and the position, we are organizing a few walk-in sessions in the Green Room. For details, keep an eye on our Instagram @gogreenofficetue. 


Send your CV and motivation in a single PDF file before June 4th. Interviews will take place before June 16th. 

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