Wild flower seeds harvest

At the moment, the beautiful flower beds that were planted by GO Green Office a couple of years ago are being mowed for the winter. We hope that they will return again next spring as elegant as they were this year. The cut down flowers are currently still present on the fields, which leaves you with the chance to collect your own seeds to plant at home!

This is how you can create your own beautiful wild flower garden in 2020:
1. collect whole flowers and put them in your bag. This bag will be provided by GO Green Office
2. Store the bag cool and dry somewhere until April 2020
3. Hit the bag and crumble all the (now) dry flowers so the seeds will fall out
4. Plant the seeds together with all the rest material wherever you want your wild flower garden
5. Enjoy your wild flower garden during the spring/summer of 2020

There are only 25 bags available, so make sure you don’t miss out by joining this GO Green Office event September 17th at 12.30 at the basketball court in front of building Aurora!