Disposable plastics form a problem. Firstly, they have higher embodied energies than reusable plastics. Secondly, most of the plastic waste is still burned, a part of it is recycled and another part ends up in the rivers and oceans.

Festivals per year in the Netherlands
Million visitors annually
Kilograms of waste per person remains on the festival grounds
And more events per year organized by TU/e, which makes festival waste a very relevant issue!

The GO Green Office is starting its combat against festival waste with the introduction of reusable cups, which are to replace the disposable cups normally used. (You might know them from the “sea of plastic” which can be found on the floor after a regular outdoor party.) More and more Dutch festivals are using disposable cups, while in some other countries, reusable cups are already the standard. Furthermore, on October 24th 2018 the European Parliament approved a ban on single-use plastics, which is planned to be enforced from 2021 onwards.


GO Green Office has a large stock of TU/e Festival Cups. Every TU/e related festival or event can borrow these for FREE! However, if cups are missing, a fee of €2,- per cup is paid to the GO Green Office as compensation.

When people get their first drink on a festival, they pay 1 coin extra: 1 coin for the drink and 1 coin for the cup. They do this at the bar.

A cup is worth 1 coin. During the festival people bring back their cup, pay 1 coin and then they receive a new drink in a cup. When leaving the festival, people can get money back for their last cup or give their cup to a friend!

Events have used our cups since the start of 2018!

Our standard borrow contract can be viewed here: TUe Festival Cup User Agreement

Interested in using the TU/e Festival Cups? Please click here!

GO Green Office TU/e would like to thank Simon Stevin, CHEOPS, Central Introduction Committee, Solar Team Eindhoven, MomenTUm, European Youth parlament, Team Energy, Lucid, VSE Scala, Brasgala, Theta, FSE, Quadrivium, Industria, Fellenoord, Pattern, Japie and Aegee for using the sustainable festival cups at their events.